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About us
Hi! We are the YomYom founders.

YomYom is a young clothing brand, designing clothes for every day use in the spirit of Jewish tradition.

YomYom means "everyday". We believe that good clothing should always be comfortable and aesthetic.

We love Torah and mitzvos, and that's why we focus on tzitzit. We invite you to share our passion and enjoy the experience!
This is Michael. Michaelis a videographer, skateboarder, father, and family man. Michaelis from Chelyabinsk. That's almost Siberia. In Chelyabinsk, winter can get pretty cold, like -48° C. And, a big meteorite fell there once.
This is Eli. Eli is a startupper and future psychotherapist. Eli is from St. Petersburg. In St. Petersburg, the sun is not visible 7 months in a year. And president Putin was born there too.