Our philosophy
And they will make themselves tzitzit on the edges of their clothes for generations...
Numbers, 15:38
We believe that the Torah does not command things that are uncomfortable and unnatural. Especially when it comes to everyday things. We are simple guys, and we understand Torah the same simple way: Clothes are clothes! This is what we will wear, for the reasons for which any garment is worn: It has an independent value as a garment, it is comfortable and beautiful. And we should look at the tzitzit the same way: It should be a garment that one wants to wear just because it is a garment, but with the tzitzit.

We love the Commandments just like you. But the love sometimes requires audacity. And we decided to dare...

We have carefully studied the halachot of tzitzit, consulted with the rabbis, and we are confident that what we offer you is 100% kosher and suitable for the fulfillment of the commandment of tzitzit.

And... yes, we wear it ourselves!